We guarantee all the books that we sell. If a book is not as described, please let us know and you can return it (in the same condition) for a full refund including all shipping costs.

If you return a book for any other reason (e.g."I've decided that I don't want it after all") and if you put it in the mail within 14 days of receiving the book, then you will end up having paid the postage in both directions. However, when we get the book back in the same condition, we will refund the price you paid for the book. There is no other re-stocking fee.

Books are best ordered by email because that leaves a dated message on our computer. Prices are net to all. All books are, of course offered subject to prior sale. If more than one person orders the same book, the message received first will be given priority. Generally we will respond to an e-mail within 24 hours. If we do not, an e-mail snag may have developed (e.g. our reply may not have gone through). In that case re-send the order.

If you telephone to order a book or to make an enquiry and we are not available, the voicemail is set to pick-up after four (4) rings. Please let the telephone ring and you can leave a message.

At the moment we don't do credit cards, but we take checks. This means that if you want the book in a big hurry you might be well advised to use Abebooks's ABE-COMmerce plan : - you buy the book with your Visa or MasterCard through abebooks.com's secure server - and we get paid later by Abebooks.

We usually send small to moderate size books within the US by USPS Priority Mail for $4.50 for 1st book and $1 for each additional book. You may request parcel post for $4 and $1 per further book but it is quite a bit slower. Large, heavy books we usually send by parcel post at cost. Overseas shipping is at cost; usually by Parcel Post Air, and by Global Priority Mail if requested.

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