Ginniff Books is located on a sheep farm 12 miles west of Iowa City and 2 miles south of Cosgrove; we have 10K shelved books. We welcome browsers by appointment. Most of our business is done on the internet through and our complete listings can be seen there.

Our areas of interest are:

  • History of Medicine Monographs, texts and other primary material - especially in Ophthalmology and the Visual Sciences and in Neurology; and a good amount of secondary material, i.e. histories, biographies and essays in the borderlands of medicine.
  • History of Science and Technology Largely secondary material.
  • History of the Book Printing, Typography, Bookbinding, Paper and Ink, and the Memoirs of Booksellers, Book Collectors, Publishers, Printers and Librarians.
  • History of Book Illustration - especially Collectible Modern Children's Picture Books.
  • General stock in Literature, History, Food and Drink, Horticulture, Travel, Detective Fiction.